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Using Power Stilts, there is finally a way to unleash acrobatics to the outside world! It's like being on a trampoline, but with the convenience and mobility of skates. Every move and trick in your routine gets bigger and more impressive.

The Equipment:
For acrobats age 8-12, check out the: Poweriser Kids

For teen & adult acrobats, we suggest the: Poweriser Advanced

For performance teams, also check out the 7s Stilts

Katie learning to balance
at our free tryout lesson
Acrobatic Videos with Power Stilts
Shows and routines performed with friends

Double Fulltwists (Inverted)

Twisting Consecutive Backflips, Frontflips, etc

Capital Bocking USA (Competition/Meetup)

Vaults, Flips, tricks & Falls!

Bocking at High School
Thanks to Swebounce, XS, and others for making videos and sharing :)

Try it! Try-out lessons are available
Try-out lessons are available in the DC Area. Bring your team or your friends. They can try it too... or bring your dad :-)
We also offer all-inclusive, beginner and intermediate lessons.

Travel and Get Paid to Defy Gravity!
DC Power Stilts wants you to be part of a professional team of jumpers that will get paid to put on shows, participate in promotional events, and do demonstrations. Basically companies and people will pay you to jump around in sync to the music, do some tricks and have fun. Join our Demo Team.

Stay in the loop:
Find out about demonstrations, discounts, and upcoming events. Don't miss something cool... Stay informed!

Is it safe?
Yes, if you wear protective gear and follow a steady progression.
Other questions answered on the FAQ Page


Team Discounts
Your team can get some nice discounts by becoming a DC Power Stilts Affiliate.


Stand Taller • Run Faster • Jump Higher • Be Acrobatic • Have Fun

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