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PowerSkip Pro: $1795.00
(for runners and professionals)

The legendary stilts for jumping, running and performing acrobatics. Jump higher and run faster with these than any other available power stilts. Each pair is crafted and engineered in Germany using aerospace materials under the supervision of the Böck Family. The Böcks are the original designers and patent holders of power stilts.

Powerskip Springs are lightweight fiberglass with a very soft (responsive) initial reaction, but high maximum stiffness for extreme energy transfer.

Trivia: fiberglass is also used for rotor blades on military helicopters

Spring energy to weight ratio is the best of any power stilts available:

  • Unit weight: 7.7 Lbs.
  • Spring Energy max: 700 Joule
  • Spring Deformation : 32 cm

Tilting footplate on the PowerSkip Pro allows more natural motion when running and moving forward. The tilting footplate makes them the best stilts for running and doesn't affect jumping or acrobatic capability with proper balance.

Tip: If you have never used power stilts before, you may not want to start with a tilting footplate. It requires more precise technique and makes balance while jumping a bit tricky to learn as a beginner.

Running Demonstration

Designed for professional use and durability, the PowerSkip is engineered to be tough. Each replaceable part's lifetime is defined through continuous use under professional conditions. Many professional performance teams are using PowerSkip stilts. Read the PowerSkip warrenty

Custom Shoe Fitting
Chose any brand or model of shoe to be mounted and secured to the stilts. Once you have chosen a pair, send them to DC Power Stilts for mounting. Shoes are not included with the Powerskip Pro.

Tip: Because your shoes are permanently affixed, this model is not designed to be shared amongst stilt users. For comfort and flexibility, check out the PowerSkip Classic with a flexible binding system.

Choosing your Powerskip Spring
Model Recomended Weight Ranges
Standard Use
Jumps Up to 5'
Extreme Use
Jumps up to 6.5ft
PS460 121-165 lbs  
PS520 165-209 lbs 110-165 lbs
PS580 187-231 lbs 132-187 lbs
PS640 209-253 lbs 154-209 lbs


This item has been discontinued


Stand Taller • Run Faster • Jump Higher • Be Acrobatic • Have Fun

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