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Capture the Flag on Stilts!

Captial Bocking USA
"150% fun", "learned alot", "don't hesitate to come "
June 24-26, 2011 Weekend
Click here for more details of the event

Game Field: Lafayette Square

A beautiful and historic backdrop for a competetive scene. Note that in the nuetral zone players can relax and enjoy the views.

2011 Capture the Flag on Stilts

The field is as follows:

Note the pathways which have special tagging rules.

Sunday (June 26)

11:00-1:00PM: Capture the Flag on Stilts

Join us in the challenge! Suitable for beginners+ who bring their stilts and can walk/balance on their own.

Don't feel comfortable on stilts? We would love to have new participants as well as supportive spectators / photographers.

Stilt Capture the Flag Rules:

  • Complete safety gear is required: knee, elbow and wrist pads pads plus helmet.
  • Be the first to bring your opponent team's flag to the center. (The center judge)
  • Flag belts:
    • Defenders must remove an opponent's flag (except with a remote tag).
    • Flags must be positioned at the sides, with velcro facing outwards.
    • Must be worn properly at all times, with shirts tuck in/out of the way.
    • Flags must be properly positioned prior to entering the Nuetral area or Enemy Side
  • Safe areas:
    • Central Square and Rectangle area is safe zone, inlcuding all entrance paths including the first intersections.
    • 15-ft safe zone around each flag
    • Your team's side
  • Pathway Rules:
    • Remote tagging (along paved areas): if a defender gets within 3 ft you are tagged.
    • No passing of a defender is allowed on or near a pathway.
      (You may exit the pathway to run past on the grass if you are more than 3ft away from paved surface. You are automatically tagged.)
    • No running fast near pedestrian traffic (this includes the nuetral zone too)
  • Tagging
    • Remove an opponent's flag to tag them
    • Tagged? Walk to jail.
    • Stay in jail and wait to be tagged "free" or until the end of the game
    • Remote tagging along paved areas. (Pathway rules apply)
    • If you are freed from jail you must walk back to the nuetral zone before you can resume play
    • You are free to scream and holler from jail.
    • Jail is in fixed place, as indicated above. You may not wander around while in jail.
    • Tag a prisoner to free them (all must walk to nuetral zone)
  • Out-of-bounds... you may go anywhere but you must return to your side at the conclusion of each game
  • Be Respectful of any bystander and do not run too close to them. Please consult with the center judge if there is any law enforcement interference.
  • Game Cues
    • Game ends when a flag is presented to the center judge.
    • One long blast Whistle: let the game begin
    • Two short: game over - return to your side and listen for the next whistle
  • No Obstructing (getting in-front-of or crossing the path of a runner)
  • If you have an in-game question or debate, judges have final say

Participate! Join us in the challenge! Suitable for beginners+ who bring their stilts and can walk/balance on their own.

This is sure to be a spectacle not to be missed


Stand Taller • Run Faster • Jump Higher • Be Acrobatic • Have Fun

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